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Company history and description of the company Konrad Dreßler OHG, Fürth, Deutschland

Conrad Dressler has worked in Fürth near the tin toy manufacturer Jean Schoenner and Götz and sons before founding his own company in 1917 . But his first products have not been toys but household articles such as Cigarettes tamper and door handles
1922 the production of toys began with the most famous products of this period the "bells Roller". The range has been continuously expanded, mainly horses with guns and military carriages were produced.
1937 starts the production of clockwork driven vehicles. Further developments have been prevented by the World War.
1946 the first movement of the railways gauge 0 are delivered , the development of Dressler had already begun before the war. The offer has been extended to deep-drawn sheet metal cars and trucks
1956 starts the roduction of H0 (14 volt , 2-wire DC system . All models carry the KD characters. Locomotives and cars were initially made ??mainly of lithographed tin and plastic accessories. The rails were purchased from Fleischmann, Dressler had the exclusiv rights on these rails but only for 2 years
1962 the production of the gauge 0 and the mechanical tin toy tool set. The H0 was driven almost exclusively via mail order houses such Quelle. The export share was relatively high. Since it was inexpensive toys for children, they were usually thrown away after use, so not many models are left.
1970 the production was complete set at Dressler, because Quelle switched to lower-priced competitor LIMA .



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