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Company history and description of the company Ellis, Britton & Eation Springfied, Vermont, USA

In 1858 Joel Ellis founded a factory in Springfield, Vermont. They produced wooden toys, puppets, toy cartzs, foll furniture, sledges, pianos, rolling tires, toys and carriages.
1873 he let his most popular toys patented the "Jointes Wood Doll" with hands and feet of cast iron. Two nearby companies "Cooperative Mfg." and "Vermont Novelty Works "worked later also with this patent.
Only in 1878 dolls known as Joel Ellis dolls were produced.
Soon after 1878 several men founded a cooperative and made many other variations of this famous jointed wooden doll using many patents, but primarily all made by Mason and Taylor. The main differences of these dolls are new composition head and more complicated joints.
Normally collectors speak aof Springfield woodens for all of these dolls.
Early 1900's production was stopped.

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