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Company history and description of the company Excelsior Manufacturing Co. Of St. Louis, Missouri, USA

In 1849, the company was founded by Mr. Giles F. Filley and they produced oven and stove accessories of cst iron. The holes were marked with "F. F. Filley". Giles Filley also invented the Charter Oak Cooking Stove Derbis which were produced in 1949.
1865 the Excelsior Stove Works was incorporated in 1865 as The Excelsior Manufacturing Company.
1895 there was a reorganization under the name Charter Oak Stove & Range Company
The Excelsior Manufacturing Company produced a´´ an extensive line of cooking goods such as pots, kettles, spiders and griddles. It also manufactures St. Louis Holloware. Many skillets were marked "G.F.F.".
Excelsior also produced tea kettle, pots and griddles in similar design as toys that were marked with "FG Filley" or not marked, these fit into the openings of their own ovens.

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