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Company history and description of the company Förtner & Haffner, Nuremberg, Germany

In 1838, the pewter figurine factory was founded by Johann Haffner in Fürth
In 1858 his son Konrad Haffner took over the company.
In 1885 Konrad Haffner became sole owner of the company "Johann Haffner Zinnfiguren"
In 1898 Otto Bing, a son of Adolf Bing, took over the company which was now called "Johann Haffner's successor, owner Otto Bing". He moved the company to Nuremberg.
1902 Max Erlanger bought the company which is now Johann Haffner's successor, owner Max Erlanger.
In 1907, the company moved into a new factory building in the Bärenschanzstr. 131 in Nuremberg.
In 1899 Andreas Förtner founded a factory for cutting tools and metal toys in Nuremberg.
In 1920 he converted the company into an OHG in which Max Erlanger was also involved.
In 1923, the company goes on "United toy factories Andreas Förtner and J. Haffner's successor Aktiengesellschaft Nuremberg"
In 1928 the name was changed to "Bärenschanz-Fürtherstraße Grundstücks-Verwertungs-Aktiengesellschaft Nürnberg". The purpose of the company is changed to the management and exploitation of Gundbesitz.
In 1928 the company 2Vereinigte Spielwarenfabriken Andreas Förtner & J. Haffner's Nachf., Limited liability company "was founded by Stefan Bing, Hermann Oppenheim, Siegfried Kahn and Max Erlanger, which is to acquire and continue the formerly operated toy business
In 1929 the brand ANFOE was introduced.
In 1930 TRIY is registered as a trademark.
1938/1939 Aryan Ernst Voelk Aryanized the company what he already did in 1935 with the company Distler.
In 1950, the company was renamed Ernst Voelk KG and then renamed "Trix Vereinigte Spielwarenfabriken Limited Liability Company, Nuremberg"
In 1955 the name changed to "Trix Vereinigte Spielwarenfabriken Ernst Voelk KG"
In 1966 the company was renamed "Trix Vereinigte Spielwarenfabriken Ernst Voelk KG., Nuremberg"
In 1970 the company is renamed "SCHILDKRÖT-TRIX Spielwarengesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, Nürnberg".
In 1971, the entire Invenatr for model railway production was sold to the company Mangold GmbH Fürth which was then renamed "TRIX Mangold GmbH. & Co., Fürth"
In 1981 the company was renamed "TRIX Mangold GmbH"
In 1994 the company was renamed "Mangold GmbH"
In 1997 the company was renamed "Mangold GmbH & Co.".
In 1999 the company was renamed "Schuco GmbH & Co. KG" and in the same year "Garenta GmbH & Co. KG" In 2011 the company was liquidated.

vor 1925 (Haffner)
1920-1924 (Förtner)

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