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Company history and description of the company Freundlich Ralp A.

From 1928-1929 the company was known as Jeanette Doll Company.
Approx. 1929 the company name changed to Ralp A. Freundlich Co.
The company was based in New York.
Most dolls were not marked, so that an assignment is very difficult.
The following dolls are attributed to the Company:
Feather Weight Doll, Baby Sandy, Pinocchio, Baby with a Scale, Little Red Riding Hood, Grandma & Wolf, Three Little Pigs & Wolf, Dionne Quintuplets with a Nurse, Princess Doll, Little Orphan Annie & her dog Sandy, Dummy Dan & Don , Goo Goo Eva & Topsy, Sailor boy, Trixie and Trixiette, Douglas Mac Arthur.

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