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Company history and description of the company Gendron Whell Company, Toledo, Ohio, USA

In 1872 the company was founded by Pierre Gendron and started with the manufacturing of wire wheels.
From 1920 also baby carriages, tot's push cabs, and doll vehicles were produced.
In 1928 the company was one of the leaders in juvenile pedal vehicles and added pressed-steel toy trucks to their line of toys, utilizing the trade name of "Sampson". The hood was designed to follow a more conventional radiator shape than the other manufacturers.
Sampson's near rectangular decal, with the word "Sampson", is affixed to the sides of the various service beds and a small Sampson decal is located at the top of the radiator. All trucks, except the low end items, came equipped with hand-cranked noisemakers.
In 1931 presumably the production from toy-trucks and airplanes ended and the company continued to produce juvenile pedal toys and outdoor gym equipment until the outbreak of WWII.

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