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Company history and description of the company Greppert und Kelch, Brandenburg, Germany

1919 after the First World War the Men Greppert and Kelch founded in the Wredowstraße in Brandenburg the toy factory Greppert & Kelch. They produced mainly automobiles , motorcycles and mechanical figures. The toys were given the brand "G & K". In the "Brandenburger Gazette" they searched up to 40 employees. They tried to poach as personnel from the other manufacturers .
1920 Greppert & Kelch took over both the company" Metz & Duncker" founded in 1892 and the firm "Tellus works" founded in 1910 which have been renamed in the " United Blechspielwaren factories Gundka GmbH ".
1922 already 90 % of the total production could be exported, since the solid construction was very appreciated abroad and the prices were very human.
in addition to the logo " G & K " more and more toys became the brand " Gundka " provided (derived from the name of the founder Greppert and Kelch).
1924 The " United Blechspielwaren Fabriken Gundka GmbH" integrated with time even more toy manufacturers who had to give up and employed 1924 close to 400 employees.
From 1924 to 1927 typewriters were produced.
1930 H. Hille takes over the comapny which was experiencing in financial difficulties, the name was changed to "Gundka -Werk GmbH" , while the firm brand "G+ K " remained . The articles have much similarity with Lehmann.
1931 parts of the Oro -Werke were taken over.
1933 were approximately 500 employees engaged in the production of toys . 1945, there were only about 50 people. Tehy produced war toys . After the war the toy production was resumed.
1953, the company was expropriated and transferred with even 26 employees in "VEB Gundka - Werk? .
1955 it was integrated into the "VEB Patent-Linol-Spielwarenfabrik ".



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