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Company history and description of the company HAG

On 01.01.1944 the company was founded by two brothers, Hugo and Alwin Gahler, who had been thinking in 1937 on the development of toy railways that could be realized by the Second World War but only from 1944. Initially, only freight and passenger cars of the gauge 0 were produced, but quickly followed locomotives. The range has been continuously expanded.
1954 the success of H0 also forced the brothers to a new development in the H0 which was very difficult but ultimately successful.
1957 the production of the gauge 0 was set.
In 1971 Werner the son of Alwin came in the firm.
1979 Alwin withdrew from operation. The proverbial Swiss Quality and adherence to the metal construction have brought the company without big advertising campaigns many thousands of customers.

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