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Company history and description of the company Ernst Heubach

In 1887 reported the sun Tageblatt about the fact that the owner of the mill Ernst Heubach wants to make doll heads and start the production in the same year. At first he employed approximately 50 employees.
1888 he began greatly expand the company and advertised "The finest bisque dolls heads and bathing children".
1893 he leaves rename the company in Ernst Heubach,Köppelsdorfer Porzellanfabrik.
1915 his sons Ernst and Hans joined the company . Hans died in World War I while his brother Ernst marries Beatrice Marseille the daughter of Armand Marseille .
1919 Ernst Heubach and Armand Marseille come together in the company "Vereinigte Köppelsdorfer Porzellanfabrik vorm. Armand Marseille und Ernst Heubach". One of the sculptor of Ernst Heubach had a brother who also worked as a sculptor with Armand Marseille. This is probably one of the reasons why the dolls from this two producers are so similar. Dolls from this period often bear the brand "Heubach Köppelsdorf".
From 1932 the company go separate ways.
Ernst Heubach was in his time one of the largest manufacturer of dolls. Ernst Heubach used inter alia the follwing brands: § H. . GERMANY, a horseshoe within ak, EK , EHK or numbers like 205 , 250 , 251, 261 , 262 , 269, 271 , 275, 300 302 , 312, 320 , 338, 339 , 340 , 342, 349, 399 , 414 , 445, 452 , 463, 573 , 1900, 1901 , 1902 , 1906 , 1909, 3024 , SUR+

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