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Company history and description of the company Heinrich und Wilhelm Liebmann

1804 Johann Heinrich Leder receives the concession to dig tone.
In 1809 he receives the concession for the operation of a stoneware factory.
In 1822 he received permission for porcelain production.
1833 his cousins ??Henry and Wilhlem Liebmann joined the company
. 1840 the brothers Christoph and Philipp Hebuach from Lauscha oought the company.
Produced were mainly tableware.
1876 began the production of jewelry china.
1904 the company was renamed in lGebrüder Hauch AG Lichte. Now also toys, dolls and doll heads were produced.
1910 began the production of electric porcelain
1925 ended the production of the dolls.
1938 the company was acquired by Otto Friedrich Prince of Ysenburg and Büdingen .
Gebr Heubach was in his time one of the largest manufacturer of bisque dolls and heads. They supplied not only companies in Europe but also in the United States . They produced all-bisque dolls, character series and modeled heads with hair and hoods.
Gebr Heubach used a variety of brands. The trademarks used on avoid most common were a circle with a rising sun in the upper half and the initials H on G in the lower half and a series of points forming a right angle in the upper right corner above the letters " HEU " on " BACH " . Neck mark " GH " " DEP " or / and " Heubach " in a square cartridge

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