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Company history and description of the company Jean Höfler aus Fürth, Germany

1923 the metal goods factory was founded by the brothers Leonard, George and Johann Höfler. The brothers then went different ways. While Johann produced tin toys and everyday objects such as buttons from sheet metal, Leonhard dealt with the production of metal goods and George with the production of tools. The by Johann Höfler founded company Jean Höfler produced cheap goods from sheet metal. These included inter alia cars , racing cars, aircrafts, figures, frogs, loudmouths, doll houses and railways. As a trademark they used a three sheeted cloverleaf with the letters J and H. The order situation after the Second World War becomes more and more difficult among many competitors
1954 the son of Johann Höfler the 25 years old Mr. Ernst A. took over the management directly after studying and had great success with his first products of sheet metal car series " Racing Car".
1956 began a radical change in tin toy production. He was among the first tin toy manufacturers who sold their tools and the entire production surrounded on plastic. It all started with small plastic figures, such as Indians, cowboys and plastic cars that are very popular today with collectors. (Tucher and Walther seems to possess some of the old tools, because they sold replicas of old Höfler tin toys).
1959 the logo was replaced with a globe.
1962 the company has been renamed in "BIG.
1966 the logo was created with the buffalo stands as a symbol of robustness, resilience and durability.
1972, the first BIG-Bobby-Car was presented at the Nuremberg Toy Fair . The red car weighed 1.5 kg and consisted of weather resistant , bright red plastic pellets and is produced with more than 16 million pcs, the best-selling children's vehicle.
1975 began the production of the Play Big figures, which made competition to PLAYMOBIL several years.??
2004 the company was sold to the Sima Dickie Group.

Firmenzeichen * Signs

1923-1958 three-leaf clover with the letters J and
1959-1965 the logo was replaced by a globe
Buffalo as a company logo as a symbol of robustness, indestructibility and longevity

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