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Company history and description of the company Hornby in Liverpool, England

In 1901 Frank Hornby launched in the UK with design boxes called "Mechanics Made Easy".
1907 Meccano Ltd was founded. The company grew and grew and produced during the First World War.
1920 he began with the railway production in guag 0. His locomotives had quality clockwork engines . Hornuby quickly became the most important brand in the UK for toy trains. Produced was a mechanical railroad gauge 0
1922, the production for the French Martk in Bobigny in France was taken.
1925 comes the first electric 110 volts AC 3 wire system.
1929 comes the 6- volt DC power train
1938 the gauge 00, the locomotives had no pressed metal body metal and the buildings were made ??of wood
. 1939-1945 the production of the Second World War are set. Hornby Dublo appeared directly after the war even without clockwork drive.
1959 Dublo was changed from three to two-track system , as it had before lost a lot of customers over the years.
1964 the production of the gauge 0 was set and only the gauges 00 and HO were produced.
1964 Meccano Ltd of "Lines Brothers" was acquired by the parent company of Triang . Triang and Hornby had been competitors in the rail business end of the 50's. Now Hornby and Triang were been merged to " Triang Hornby". The production of Hornby Dublo was set and the tools sold to "G & R Wrenn Ltd " another daughter of "Lines Brothers".
1965 the company was taken over from the group lines. Bros. (brand Triang). In 1971, the Triang group was disbanded . The railway area was renamed to "Hornby Railways" in 1972.
1980 the " Hornby Hobbies Ltd ." bedomes independent
On 29.10.1986 she changed tot a corporation.
1995 the production was moved to China.


1960 - 1973
1938- 1964

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