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Company history and description of the company Horsman Ltd. Ney York city, USA

In 1865 Edward Imeson Horsman founded a toy company in New York city. When he started he imported dolls form ouside the USA mainly from Germany.
In 1904 they distributed "Babyland Rag Dolls" created by Albert Bruckner and made of cloth.
About 1909 they started to produce doll heads with a new formula to make compoosition "Can't break Em".
1919-1925 he merged with Aetna Doll & Toy.
In 1930 he acquired the Amberg doll company.
In 1933 he became a subsidiary of the Regal doll company.
In 1986 the Name Horsman was sold to the Asia company Gat - Gatabox Ltd. of Hong Hong which produced dolls under the name Horsman Ltd.

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