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Company history and description of the company HUKI Hubert Kienberger KG

1910 founded the toolmaker Hubert Kienberger his own company. The company was called Kienberger & Co and the logo was "KiCo". They produced Penny Toys and animals on wheels. With George Levy, who worked at Kienberger till 1916, arises mechanical toys too. The mid-twenties they produced mainly lithographed vehicles and bottom runners with clockwork.
1935 the son Rudolf Reiser took over the compyna after the death of Kienberger.
1943 burned almost the whole work.
1951 the production after the reconstruction was resumed; produced were mainly cars and motorcycles with clockwork and friction drive and later without drive. The logo changed from "Huki" about "HKN" to "huki". The most popular export product for America was the billiard player.
1975 Produkton of sheet metal was changed to plastic.

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