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Company history and description of the company Johann Andreas Issmayer (JAJ), Nuremberg, Germany

In 1861 the company was founded in Nuremberg by Johann Andreas Issmayer. She was known for her small slightly lithographed railways, which were marketed by Bing and Carette. Initially were produced swimming toys , children's kitchens and stoves , fire squirt and simple tin toys. His in the firm working brother Johann Konrad modeled plastic animals and human figures, these models were then molded, shaped and assembled from sheet metal.
By 1870 animals and figures must have identified the major part of the production.
1879 began the production of railways, steam engines and operating models. Production was discontinued soon.
Bub operational before 1915 a lively exchange with Issmayer products as well as with Carette.
1922 Issmayer died 90 years old. His son George White Berger took over the company, but died already four years later. Now this son-in-law August Weißenberger took over the company and led them successful further.
With the seizure of power by the National Socialists in 1932 although not Jewish but export-dependent companies went into a tailspin.
Since the company had no domestic customers and production for foreign countries by Jewish publishers could not be taken off the production in 1935/36 was set . The factory has been converted into apartments.
1952 August Weißenberger died at the age of 63 years .
Issmayer should have issued a very well-illustrated catalog. Sorry, there are no known, so that ist products are known today only through resellers catalogs.


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