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Company history and description of the company Ives Corp., Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA

1868-1932 the company of Edward R. Ives was founded in Bridgeport.
1868-1870 the company ER Ives & Co was founded by Edward R. Ives in Plymouth, Connecticut.
Produced were baskets and hot air toys
Around 1872 the company "Ives Blakeslee & Co." was founded by Edward R. Ives andhis brother Cornelius Blaeslee. Clockwork toys were produced which were designed by Jerome Secor, Nathan Warner and Arthur Hotchkiss. They also produced for other toy manufacturers. Producedwere tin toys such as locomotives, horse drawn carriages, etc. With Ives were introduced some news as well as the tram sets in gauge 0 and gauge 1.
1917 began the production of sheet metal ships.
1929 the company was one of the victims of the Great Depression and was adopted by Lionel.


1868 - 1932

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