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Company history and description of the company Le Jouet Francais (Jouef)

In 1944 the French company was founded by Georges Huard and produced household plastic items. A few years later they sold the first model railway motor car in HO. The first models were powered by a rubber motor.
1950 "Le Jouet Francaix" became the brand "JF" or "Jouef".
1952 they offered a complete model railway program.
1955 the first electric trains were produced.
At tzhe end of the 1960th the owner changed, the new owner became the gropu s extended to the product range electric car racing sets with Überholfunktion.
1972 successes of the change of ownership in the group "the French toys" with the companies Delacoste, Solido and Heller. The production of the car racing has been discontinued.
1980 the entire group was liquidated.
The English firm Hornby has acquired the brand and will incorporate the model railway production.

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