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Company history and description of the company Jumeau Paris und Montreil-sou-Bois, France

In 1842 the company was founded by Emile Jumeau in the Parisian district of Montreuil. They produced porcelain heads, puppets, etc. The bodies were kept very coarse; sure the dolls had a exqusite clothing and were very finely painted
By 1873 they sold the doll heads from other manufacturers as Simon & Halbig.
1878 Jumeau received at the Paris World's Fair a Gold Medal. Dolls were now stamped "medal d'Or" and Jumeau called "Roi des Poupées" ("dolls royal").
In 1899 they had to submit to the German competition and joined together with other companies to the Société Française de Fabrication de Bébés et Jouets (SFBJ), by which the quality suffered
Brand names are Tête Jumeau, Bébé Jumeau or Long Face Jumeau or Jumeau Triste

- early Jumeau dolls had no label
- approx. 1875 mark J
- 1881 with the name of Jumeau or his initials
- 1892 again often without marking
- Déposé E 7 J
- 8 E J
- Jumeau 1 R

Other descriptions:
- 1886 Bébé Jumeau
- 1886 Bébé Prodige
- 1895 Bébé Phonographe

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