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Company history and description of the company Keim & Co. AG, Nürnberg, Germany

In 1866 the company was founded, they produced cans, spinning top, metal construction sets and sand toys up the early twenties.
In the 1930s , production was expanded to include cars, airplanes and mechanical figures.
1937/38 they took over the firm Karl Bub to save them from the threat of expropriation and expanded production to include railways, drive models and military toys.
In 1938, the companies Wilhelm Kraus and Kraus-Fandor were taken over as part of the Aryanization measures.
1955 the first electric trains were produced.
In the 1950s mainly railways gauge 0 , summer toys, kitchen items and plastic vehicles were produced.
1972 was a change of ownership in the group Le Jouet Français" with the companies Delacoste , Solido and Heller. The production of the car racing has been discontinued.
1980, the entire group was liquidated.
The English firm Hornby has acquired the brand and will incorporate the model railway production.


20-er bis 30-er Jahre Firmenlogo K
ca. 1939-1955

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