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Company history and description of the company Bernhard Köllisch, Nuremberg, Germany

On 03/06/1880 the company was founded by the metal goods manufacturer Mr. Bermhard Köllisch. Authorized signatory was the merchant Karl Köllisch. They mainly produced household tinware, besides lanterns magica and also model steam engines. He seems to have probably delivered semi-finished products to other steam toy manufacturers. There is no own factory brand known.
1900 the company should have employed about 200 workers.
On 29.09.1903 the bankruptcy proceedings have been opened, but the company was sold on 5/31/1905 at Joseph Köllisch.
on 10.21.1911 a change of name was made into a commercial partnership with the equal partners Joseph and Bernard Köllisch.
on 10.05.1992 the company was dissolved after the death of Bernhard Köllisch.

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