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Company history and description of the company Paul Lehmann in Brandenburg, Germany

In 1881 the company was founded in Brandenburg as "Blechspielwaren-Fabrik von Lehmann und Eichner" by Ernest S. Lehmann and Eichner. They produced mechanical figures and vehicles of lithographed tinplate which were very original.
1884 Eichner died and Ernst Paul Lehmann became the sole owner.
1888 the trademark was registered as one of the first in the district court.
1895 - 1929 large quantities were exported to the United States
Lehmann died in 1934 and his cousin Johannes Richter took over the company
1948 the company was expropriated and renamed in "VEB Mechanische Spiewaren Brandenburg"-
1951 she was again re-founded and produced adapted models of the pre-war period and new mechanical figures and animals.
From the mid-50s also plastics was used.
1968 began the success story of the Lehmann garden-train (LGB), which still is produced.

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