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Company history and description of the company Lineol AG

Approx. 1906 the company was founde by Oskar Wilhelm Wiederholz. He since 1903 devolepd the for his figures needed mass,which in contrast to the bulk of his competitor Elastolin also contains linseed oil and tree resin.
The Berlin artist Alber Caasmann - later head of the figures - production - is responsible for the great success of his characters. In the 1930s 300 to 400 people were employed. In addition to the detailed figures also high quality tin toys were produced. The figures were 4-17 cm tall, with the height of 7.5 cm prevailed. Through their rectangular base, they are easily distinguishable from those of the company Hausser (Elastolin).
1945 after the Second World War the production was quickly resumed . Since they belonged to the Soviet-occupied zone it was transformed into a "Volkseigenen Betrieb".
From 1957, the "Lineol VEB Plastik" produced toy soldiers.
1963 production was discontinued.
1985 the Company LINEOL DUSCHA acquired the trademark rights from Lineol and produces again the characters from the range of 1945. The figures today consist of an injection-molded plastic with a yellowish-brown color.


drei laufende Enten mit gestreckten Hälsen und LINEOL

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