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Company history and description of the company LBZ Lorenz Bolz GmbH & Co., Zirndorf Germany

In 1880 the company LBZ Lorenz Bolz GmbH & Co., Fuerth Germany was founded by Lorenz Bolz. Mainly hum and music gyroscop were produced.
1906 his son Peter Bolz take over the company and built out the toy musical range.
1913 the drill rod for the spinning top was patented, this is a metal rod around which spiral grooves squirm.
1937 Choral gyroscope was produced with automatic change of tone.
Lorenz produced before the Second World War, the put put boat or calledby him Puff-Puff boat with recoil drive.
The company Seidel bought the rights of this drive after the war.
1952 songs gyroscope was registered as a utility model.
The company is still producing, among other things mechanical banks, dirt tracks and conveyor belts.


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