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Company history and description of the company Dörken & Mankel KG, Ennepetal Germany (MEKANIK)

On 07/01/1908 the company was founded as Dörken & Mankel HG by Rudolf Mankel and his brother Wilhelm Dörken in Ennepetal. They produced electric, spring motors and transformers. The company later went into the possession of the company Dorma GmbH & Co KG.
1948 began the production of the metal kit MECANIC with a total of probably 24 primary and 23 supplementary sets with partially colored painted paper tape in half inch sizes. There were also plastic gears and rubber wheels. Later the spelling changed in MEKANIK
1959 Mekanik construction kits were produced by the company Adrian and Rode GmbH in Velbert
Material: Steel
Surface: nickel plated, painted
hole array: one row
hole spacing: 13 mm
hole diameter: 4.2 mm
screw thread: M 4

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