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Company history and description of the company Markes & Co. KG, Lüdenscheid, Germany

1904 the company was founded by Carl Markes. They produced tools for electrotechnical products.
in 1916 began the contract manufacturing of parts for the Stabil-Metallbauksten Walther & Co.
1932 began the production of the DUX car, aircraft and metal kits.
1935 the Dux Kino model MM production starts
. 1938 starts the Dux Kino model 3 in which was no longer the axis to wind the spring factory under the projector but at the top.
1948 the Dux Kino model 40 was produced in the film was transported via a rubber roller
. 1952 comes the Dux Kino model 44 in which a lamp transformer could be connected in place of the battery adapter.
1962 the plastic modular DUX-Technic was sold.
1964 they produced the Volkswagen car as DUX kit.
1981 the toy production was stopped.


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