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Company history and description of the company Armand Marseille von Sonneberg und Köppelsdorf, Thuringia, Germany

1856 Armand Marseille was born as the son of a builder at the Tussian tsar in St. Petersburg .
1865 he left Russia and moved to Köppelsdorf Germany .
1884 he bought the toy manufactur company from Mathias Lambert from Sonneberg for 170,000 marks.
1885 is added the porcelain factory of Liebermann & Wegescherfrom Köppelsdorf . 1885 Armand Marseille founded his china factory.
1887 most of the factory gets victim of a fire.
1891 registration of the company in the commercial register. In the 90 years he is also mentioned as manufacturer of porcelain doll heads
1894 trademark "Beauty"
1900-1930 Armand Marseille should have produced 1,000 porcelain dolls daily . Most of them with glass eyes
1906 a branch operation in Neuhaus at Koeppel village is set up.
1915 his daughter Beatrice married the son Ernst Heubach from Köppelsdorf .
1919 his son Hermann Marseille take over the management of the company after a heart attack of his father, which then together with Ernst Heubach Jr. derived both companies under the name "Vereinigte Köppelsdorfer Porzellanfabriken, vormals Armand Marseille und Ernst Heubach". The production remains separated . In the 1920s Armand Marseille dies.
1932 the two companies were family reasons completely separated again .
1904 visited Armand Marseille America and makes his puppets in St. Louis and won the "Grand Prize at the St. Louis exposition" with the CM Bergmann doll Miss Columbia .
1914-1918 the dolls' heads were placed during the First World War in American warehouses. Approx. 1920 trademark " Gloria "
Most heads are equipped with a mold number . Marked , for example, 370 heads for breast and 390 for crank heads . From him were, inter alia, made following heads??: Florodora , Baby Betty , Duchess , Columbia, Queen Lousie
1922-1925 " Kiddie Joy " and series of Hitz , Jacobs & Kassler with bisque heads from Armand Marseille
1924-1925 began production of "My Dream Baby " # 341 and # 351 with closed mouth open and Amberg's " New Born Baby " , MLS 1925 oriental bisque head " Castellar " .
the end of 1928 the production was stopped . The dolls were sold on trade even after many years
Names of porcelain heads are " Mabel " and " Our Ann " .
Armand Marseille has bought the doll bodies from other manufacturers.
He used different brands as an anchor , a horseshoe , Made in Germany , AM .
Many heads show the initials D.E.P. or DRGM had been so registered in Germany .
Arman Marseille supplied among others following dolls manufacturer with ist doll heads :
Louis Amberg dolls , dolls Arranbee , CM Bergmann. George Borg Feldt GB , J. Bouton & Co., Butler Brothers , WA Cissna & Co., Cohen & Sons, Cuno & Otto Dressel, Eaton Beauty Dolls ( Canada) , Eckardt or Eckhardt & Co., Edmund Edelmann Foulds & Freure , Otto Goose, Eugene Goldberger , Max Handwerck , Jacobs & Kassler Hitz , B. Illfelder & Co., Koenig & Wernicke, Ernst Maar & Sohn, Montgomery Ward, WG Muller, Emil Pfeiffer, Quaker , Joseph Roth Mfg. . Co., Phillip Samhammer , Peter Scherf, F.A.O. Schwartz , Sears, Roebuck & Co., Seyfarth & Reinhardt, Siegel Cooper, Edmund Ulrich Steiner, Wagner & Zetsche, John Wanamaker , Wiefel & Company, W & Co., Hugo Wiegand, Adolf Wislizenus , Louis Wolf & Co., LW & C. , and others.

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