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Company history and description of the company Fernand Martin, Paris, Fankreich

In 1880 the company was founded by Séraphin Fernand Martin. Fernand Martin was born on 04/29/1849 . He started to produce toys already in his childhood. In 1880 he founded his first toy company in Paris with 12 employees in the 90 Boulevard de Ménilmontant , Paris.
Produced were metal figures as Le tramp (Tramp) and Ivrogne (Toper or Drunk). Trademark is FM
1892 he started as one of the first with the industrialization of toy production
early 1900 during mechanical toys in his time were mainly bought by the rich, the normal people could not afford automaton in the beginning of the new century, also he produced figures of daily life. Now he was named Chevalier of the Legion of Honouer
1912 Martin sold his company to Georges Flersheim.
1916 Georges Flersheim dies.
1919 Francis Victor Bonnet acquires the company for 190,000 francs. The logo F. M. must yield the logo "Victor Bonnet et Cie".
On 09/01/1919 Fernand Martin dies.
Some old models were produced again include Le cab, Le gai violiniste, Le pochard, among others, others were small changes, such as Le petit livreur express, La motocyclette among others
1920-1930 received all the products a serial number. The last serial number 246 of Flersheim for The sun la paix is the first number of Bonnet he used for Le déverseur.
1934 the lease ran out and Bonnet moved into new premises in the 8 rue des Tourelles Paris XXth . 1938 the logo "Victor Bonnet et Cie" disappears in favor of the new brand "VB " or "VEBE" .
1960 the company V. Bonnet receives the extension "SARL" ( Société à responsabilité limitée).
1965 the company was named "Etablissement V.Bonner" and "Bonnet frères" which was acquired after the war of " JEP " ( Jouet de Paris) later closed permanently.
There are 4 distinctive periods of his work and of his successors:
1878-1894 (F. Martin),
1895-1912 (F. Martin),
1912-1919 (Georges Flersheim) and
1919-1937 (Victor Bonnet).


F.M. in einem Kreis, Logo der ersten Periode von 1880-1894
Logo ab 1895
V.B & Cie Paris von 1919-1935
Fabrictaion Francaise, Marque VéBé Déposée von 1935-1965

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