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In 1901 Mr. Korbuly received the patent for its wooden construction kit, and he provided his wood blocks with a hole and used bars as connecting elements, so that the items were combined with each other in any form. The building blocks are made of beech wood. The connecting rods were initially produced from spruce wood, which were drawn from a wood mastermind from a one piece of wood, since 1935 the rods were milled and made ??of beech wood
1903 he began the production and the sale and had to extend and moved the operation to Pfaffstaetten near Traiskirchen.
In 1919 the company was taken over by Johann Korbuly junior with his brother Rudolg, who left the company in 1931. Before the second world war toy the produced weapons such as cannons, mortars, tanks and aircraft. During the war the production of the kit was set and detonator boxes were produced for the Wehrmacht. The operation completely burned out with the war. Thereafte, the operation was rebuilt.
1950 a second series of large-sized stones and simpler connection elements for younger children were produced .
1965 they managed to launch their products in the United States, but the competition of metal and plastic kits from the 70s was to large
1978 the company was sold to the newspaper publisher Kurt Falk who joined the company in 1987.
1997 Michael and Claudia Tobias acquired the trademark and the company Matador Toys GmbH in Altlengbach (Austria) produces the original, simple, colorless wood blocks and wheels as Matadorset.


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