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Company history and description of the company Merkur Toys, Police nad Metuji (Politz) Czech Republic

In 1920 the company was founded by Jaroslav Vancl.They started with the production of the metal kit INVENTOR. The metal parts were connected with hooks.
1925 began the production of the MERCURY system. Initially there were 3 equipment which were extended in 7 the1940s.
About 1930 began the production of electric railways of guage 0 later gauge 1
1933 began the production of electrical-kit ELEKTRUS.
1953 the company was nationalized.
1989 the company was privatized and stopped production in 1993. Then Jaromír Kßrí? took over the company and started again with the production of electric railways, toy steam engines, carts and tools such as 3D puzzles
material: steel
Surface: color painted, powder-coated
hole arrangement: single row
hole spacing: 10 mm
hole diameter: 4 mm
screw thread: M 3,5

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Question on item