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Company history and description of the company Gebr. Staiger, St. Georgen/Schwarzwald, Germany

Appox. 1900 the company was founded. They produced, inter alia, precision mechanical and electrical equipment and machine and radio accessories
. 1945 the French occupiers left the company raw material under the condition to produce just toys for export to France. This means that production of Meccano "Mignon" began
1946 they are allowed to sell the construction set also in Germany. Added was a model train the AA track and a runway
1953 the production of metal construction was discontinued after a dispute with Maerklin..
2001 the company which operated under the name "KUNDO-Staiger GmbH" was dissolved. They produced until the end watches
material: Aluminum
Surface: Natural anodized
hole arrangement: single row
hole spacing: 6 mm
hole diameter: 3.0 mm
Screw thread: M 2, 5 |

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