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Company history and description of the company CBG Mignot, Paris, France

In 1825 the company CBG Mignot , Paris , France was founded by Cuperly , Blondel and Gerbeau. The largest French hand-painted toy soldiers were produced but also in limited editions of 1825 acquired by Lucotte forms.
1832 the production of the first figures by Blondel begins sold by Cuperly in the store.
1865 occurs Cuperly to retire 1889 the company is renamed in "Gerbeau & sons".
1900 Sosthène Gerbeau dies and his son Maurice became director of the CBG.
1904 Henri Mignot who had been set in 1897 as a technical consultant becam partner of Gerbeau and the company trades under "Gerbeayu & Migno". 1925 the company merged with its competitor "Lucottte" to "Anstalten CBG-Spielzeug and the two sons of Mignot took over the management.
1965 Henri Mignot dies.
1977 acquires his daughter Mme Bontemps the company backk from the company Rémanences.
1992 the company had to be closed.
1994 the Men Pemzec and Grand-Dufay try to buy up the scattered tools and machinery.
2001 Grand- Dufay dies and Pemzec is alone, the company decided name the firm to "Lucotte" and to give the firm to his son Andrew.
the later Mignot miniatures are different from those Lucotte of the fact that they were without removable parts and other accessories. Mignot had over 20,000 shapes of warriors from ancient Rome to the Second World War.


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