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Company history and description of the company Moldacot Sewing Machine Co. London, United Kingdom

On 17/07/1886 Moldacot began selling his 1885 patented sewing machine . Little is known about the inventors A.D. Moll and J. C. Cottam, which probably gave the firm the name Moldacot. In advertising , the company later called themselves as "Moldacot Colonial & Foreign Pocket Sewing Machine Company, Limited". There are three main manufacturers named H. Holroyd in Manchenster and WM Bown in Birmingham and one in Germany and all of his models have the London stamp. The sale was made through retailers such as Stewart & Co in London.
1888 the production had to be stopped again and it was not even been produced a part of the machines that were promised to the shareholders in 1986 in drawing their shares. No wonder, because the selling price was initially only just a little bit over the production costs and should be increased later to almost double of the cost price. The Surplus machines were sold to cover some of the costs. Some machines have been sold to South American/Spanish companies and came came on the market under the name of " Bonita ".

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