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Company history and description of the company Leo Moss from Macon, Ga USA

Leo Moss was a black doll maker who made dolls in the late 1800x through the early 1900s.
Most of his dolls were black and only a few white dolls were made.
The dolls were made from paper scraped frrom walls, boiled and made into a paste. Each head was moldet individually and colored with a spray gun. The glass eyes were brown and inset into the head, but also a few have painted eyes. The hair was moldet individually and the nostrils were usually pierced. He purchased the bodies from a toymaker or his wife made the bodies which are of cloth with legs and arms mostly of composition. The faces has teardrops moldet into the papier-mâché faces.
It is speculated that he made fewer than 100 dolls.
It is said that these were made to express his sadness after his wife left him.

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