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Company history and description of the company Paya, Ibi, Alicante, Spain

Rafael Paya Pico had set up a factory in Ibi, Alicante, for sheet products, metal foundry and repair from music instruments.
In the year 1902 the brothers Paya (Pascual, Emilio and Vicente) begam in these factories with the production of toys from metal.
In 1905 they founded the copmpany Paya Hermanos (Hermanos - Gebrüder (Gebrüder Paya)). The company Paya Hermanos was unique and unrivalled in Spain and should still last to 1982.
From 1910 Paya Hermanos was to be encountered on many national and international fairs and he often kept highest distinctions through the excellent quality of his toys.
From 1926 this tradition was continued through the company Sociedad Cooperativa Paya that meanwhile was founded through their running present on the game fair in Nuremberg.
In the year 1910 Paya Hermanos began to produce feather-practiced sheet toy. They mainly produces cars which were from the same quality as from international manufacturers.
When in 1914 the first world war began Paya Hermanos increased his toy production since the other European enterprises dedicated themselves to the production of weapons. From this time Paya Hermanos production increased constantly
In 1933 they began with the production of electrical railroads. During the Spanish Civil War the company Paya Hermanos was collectivized and made fuse and ammunition.
From 1940 theyn again begam with the production of trains and also numerous novelties appeared. Paya Hermanos was the first Spanish company which used splashing-machines for plastic and light alloys. From now on there were some changes, so the continuous manufacturing, the mechanization of the operating processes, also the use was extended from plastics and the quality as also the design of the toys improves.
Paya became known through their simple toys, floor trains as well as the train sets in the track 0.

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