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Company history and description of the company Piko Spielwaren GmbH

In 1948 Pico was established by order of the Soviet Military Administration in Germany and moved quickly from Chemnitz to Sonnenberg. The first models were introduced at the Leipzig Autumn Fair 1949 and marketed under the designation "PICO EXPRESS". It was not until 1952 that the models were marketed under the name "Pico" , what is an abbreviation for "pioneer construction". They produced model railway cars for gauge HO and N and electromagnetic toys. They were very detailed and were sold through the company Schreiber from Fürth in West Germany.
End of 1970 several nationalized private firms were affiliated to the Piko- Combine, so that most of the DDR model train production was produced and sold under this brand. 1990 after the reunification the operation could be rescued by some employees and contributes since this time the name " Piko Spielwaren GmbH". The range has been revised and adapted to the current state of technology. Multiple developments were avoided and they marketed those products, the competitors no longer offered. Now also began the construction of buildings for HO and Iim (G).
2002 the PIKO A-track was launched , which Piko HO they came back to a full range. Piko made a great deal of interest as the electronic shipping Conrad ofered a cheap locomotive in HO but produced in China.
2005 with the "TAURUS" began the start of the TT gauge. In addition, in cooperation with Uhlenbrock a digital system was offered.
2006 Piko ofered with "TAURUS" in the gauge G for the first time a garden railroad.

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