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In 1861 the Moravian Ladies? Sewing Society was established by Polly Heckewelder and was known as the Soldier?s Relief Society of Central Moravian Church to do war work during the War Between the States.
After the war ended in 1865, the Society became the Freedman?s Aid Society and in 1869, it became the Moravian Ladies? Sewing Society and so it remains to this day. At that time, it was decided by the group to make dolls in honor of Polly Heckewelder. Perhaps Polly?s own childhood cloth doll influenced this decision as an appropriate way to honor her. The ladies could still have a sewing group and do useful work by making and selling dolls.
The first Polly doll was made and sold in 1872. That doll was about 19 inches tall and dressed typical of a little girl of the 19th century. She had a ball-shaped head and hand painted face

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