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Company history and description of the companiesPrämeta Präzisionsmetall- and Kunststofferzeugnisse G. Baumann & Co. Und Kurt Postel Spezialfabrik für Metallpräzisionsguss both of Cologne in Germany

The company Prämeta was founded in 1946 by Dr. Ferdinand Freiherr von Soiron and his wife in Cologne. At first the firm acted solely as a sales company for example fittings for furniture, doors and devices for the medical sector . Inter alia products of the company Postel were sold. The name was probably made from the initial letters of the German words for Precision and Metall. Prämeta was the namesake of these cars
. The company Kurt Postel Factory for Metal Precision Casting was founded in 1924 in Cologne. The production of zinc die casting and injection molding is said to have begun in 1933 in Cologne . After the Second World War they produced, hinges, building hardware and toy cars.
Approx. in 1946, the Prämeta car emerged from the cooperation with Prämeta.
In 1948 begun the production of cast metal cars , known are 5 models in different versions , the VW Beetle 1200 ( the so called Beetle , the Buick 405 (series-1), the Mercedes 300 (series-2(also called Adenauer Mercedes), the Jaguar XK 120 (series-3) and the Opel Kapitän 555 (series-4). The cars had a clockwork and three courses and an adjustable curve automatic.
In 1958, the production was stopped . The cars had a scale of about 1:40

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