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Company history and description of the company Reuter in Blumenau, Germany

In 1860 Julius Reuter founded his company and begins with the production of wooden kits and children shotguns.
1866 he died and his wife and his son Emil take over the company.
1875 his wife died and Emil leads the company alone until he goes bankrupt.
In 1891 Ernestine Reuter declares in the Blumenauthe trad for the modular production.
1906 the company was taken over from the brothers Hugo, Arno, Arthur and Otto Reuter.
1918 Ernestine separates from the company
1932 they introduced as the first German company the drum polishing process.
1972 carried out the nationalization as VEB Blumenauer Baukastenfabrik.
1991 the production is stopped.


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