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Company history and description of the companya F. Ad. Richter (Anker), Rudolstadt, Germany

In 1508 the company was founded and is probably the oldest toy company in the world.
On 07.04.1876 the company was founded by F. Ad Richter as a chemical- pharmaceutical factory in Rudolstadt.
1880 the brothers Otto and Gustav Lilienthal sold their patent to Richter. Instead of the usual wooden blocks they invented an alternative that is precise and stable mineral building blocks of quartz sand, powdered lime and linseed oil varnish.
1882 the production center for ?Richters Anker-Steinbaukästen? were built. The kits are called and sold as"Patent-Baukästen", brand image is a squirrel
1884 are sold four different stone kits.
1887 comes the first special case the Birthday palace of Pope Leo XIII with 2,608 stones >
1895 the squirrel is replaced by the anchor
1910 Richter dies at the height of his company with 649 employees
1921 the company is split into two public companies " F. AD . Richter & Co ( AG ) Chemischer Werke"and " F. Ad. Richter Co. A.G.) Steinfabrik"
1953 the company is converted in a VEB (state-owned enterprise).
1963 the "VEB Anker-Steinbaukasten " resolved by the DDR superiors, although the kits during the wars were produced.
1979 the international "Club of anchor friends" in Holland is founded.
in 1995 Georg Plengeresumem operation after remaining old tempaltes with moves from EU. They produced as first the basic box #6 and shortly after that the supplement sets No. 6A and 8A
Kits are available at the following logos: Anker, Union , Adler Eagle , Turil , SAS, Orion, Komet, Comet.


1882 - 1895
ab 1895

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