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Company history and description of the company Schuco, Nürnberg, Germany

In 1912 the company Schuco & Co in Nuremberg was founded by Heinrich Schreyer and the toolmaker Heinrich Müller which had previously worked at Bing
1918 Heinrich Schreyer leaves the company and Adolf Kahn becomes a partner
1924 the name changedin "Schuco".
1936 the first Schuco car is produced and the company grew to 100 employees. There are mechanical gearbox, steering wheel control and hand brakes designed for model cars.
1939 Kahn must emigrate because of his Jewish origin to New York.
1958 after the death of Heinrich Müller his son Werner takes over operation.
1976 the operation despite good sales was sold to the British DCM Group.
1980 the company headquarters moved to Fürth Gama-Mangold acquired the rights and manufactures replicas of the Schuco models.
The main products of Schuco were cars in many varieties, dancing figures, airplanes, fire trucks, demountable racing car of Formula 1 and classic cars. After the Second World War a set Varianto 30 came on the market, which could be directed by a spiral wire cable and was extended to switches and crossings . With the model "Mirako" a car was sold that has been provided with an additional transverse drive and could not fall off the table.


vor 1930
ab ca. 1930
ab ca. 1980

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