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Company history and description of the company Richard Sieper (Siku) in Lüdenscheid, Germany

In 1921 the company was founded by Richard Sieper in Lüdenscheid as foundry company. Before the Second World War consumer products and belt buckles were produced mainly. After the development of thermoplastics and consumer goods such as bathrooms mirror cabinets and small furniture
. 1950 " SIKU " was registered as a trademark and it began the production of toys in plastic, including a farm with animals
1955 toy models of plastics are produced , so also the first model car of Siku the plastic V -Series M 1:60, next to cars of all types, trucks, military vehicles and a range of accessories including traffic signs, , figures, buildings and street plans
in 1963 begins the production of toy models made of metal zinc die casting process, the so-called metal V eries starts . 1969 plastic series has been completely set. In the metal sector demountable building, a garage and gas station were added.
1974 was the changeover to the 1:55 scale, the model numbers becomes four digits.
In 1983 a farmer-series was added in th program in 1:32 scale and vehicles from agriculture
. 1985 the Berlin-based company Wiking model is adopted.
1995 a fully automated high bay warehouse is built in Lüdenscheid.
1998 starts the series "SIKU Junior" with toy models made of plastic.
2001 2 classic tractor models and a trailer are offered in the Farmer series.
Since 2003 they also produces models in scale 1:87.

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