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Company history and description of the company Simon & Halbig, Grafenhain, Thuringia, Germany

In 1839 Simon & Halbig was established.
1869 Carl Halbig and William Simon began in her two porcelain factories in Gräfenhain and Hidburghause with the production of dolls. They produced biscuit heads for their own use and for many other companies such as Cuno & Otto Dressel, Heinrich, Handwerck, Jumeau, Franz Schmidt, Fleischmann & Bloedel, Arranbee, George Borg Feldt, Edison, John Wannamaker, Bawo & yolk, CM Bergmann, Bing Brothers, Carl Bergner, Eekhoff, Gimbel Brothers, Hamburger & Company, Adolf HülßLouis Linder & Son, FAO Schwartz, Schoenau & Hoffmeister, Strobel & Wilken, Carl Trautmann Doll mark S & H CT, Wagner & Zetzsche, Welsch & Company , Wiesenthal, Schindel & Kallenberg, Adolf Wislizenusand, Roullet et Decamps and SFBJ.
The porcelain heads and porcelain dolls were of very high quality. The painting of the dolls and the shape of the heads was significantly better than that of other manufacturers in this region.
Often found on the heads next to the mark S & H the manufacturer's brand of the firm the heads were built for.
1870 porcelain shoulder heads were made ??with molded hair, both with glass eyes and with painted eyes. Also a shoulder plate with a socket head was crated and sold in France.
1880 dolls with closed mouth and soulful eyes and character expressions were introduces on the market.
From 1902 they deliveres all bisque heads for Kammer & Reinhard.
1905 The mark S & H was used for the first time, dolls without "&" are from the production from befor 1905.
1909 the baby dolls with bent body were introduced. At this time, the dolls of Simon & Halbig with the shape number 150, 153, 1388, 1398, 1303, 1308 und 152 were produced which are very rare.
1920 the firm was bought from Kammer & Reinhardt who produced dolls until 1932.
The successor of Simon & Halbig, the company eramische Werke Grafenhain used from 1930 the mark "KWG"

Known marks:
S15H 7 19 DEP
S.H. 1039
10 ½
Simon & Halbig
S & H

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