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Company history and description of the company Stokys Eiko AG, Littau, Switzerland

IN 1942 the company was founded by the brothers Max and Arnold Stockmann under the name "Gebr. Stockmann Arnold und Max Stockmann". They produced the "STOKKYS" modular kits of stainless aluminum, steel and brass parts, There are five primary and four supplementary sets, added gear, bridge kits and engines.
1946 came the retail boxes 00 and 001 added.
in 1949 the company is renamed in " Gebr. Stockmann AG Metallwaren" located in Lucerne
. 1953 were added 2 houses kits into the program.
1969 a modified color kit for the wholesaler Migros
1982 the company was sold to the Eisen und und Kohlen AG in Sursee and is now called ?toky EIKO AG.
in 1986 the company FEMA AG tool iveer all machines and rights and relocated the company headquarters to Littau.
2003 the company was sold to Herbert Schulthess and Matt Mauro Francesco and the company moved ti Wachlwil in Canton Zug.


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