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Company history and description of the company Tipp & Co., Nuremberg, Germany

In 1912 the company was founded by Mr. Carstens and Mrs. Tipp. In the same year Philip Ullmann took over the shares of Mrs. Tipp.
1918 Mr. Carstens left the company and Mr. Ullmann became the sole owner.
In the 1930's they produced very successful cars, race cars, trucks, fire fighters, aircrafts and highway systems.
1933 Ullmann emigrated to England. From the German Government a transition director was employed.
1949 the operation was reconveyed. The destroyed factory buildings were rebuilt and production resumed. The production consisted mainly of motor vehicles.
1971 the toy production was stopped. Successor became the company "Noris Toys Gmbh" but they imported toys from abroad. Some of the forms should have been sold in the DDR.



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