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Company history and description of the company Trix of Germany

The company Trix can be traced back to the year 1838. Initially, tin soldiers and a metal toys were produced.
1925 from the original company J. Haffner after a merger became the"Vereinigte Spielwarenfabrik Andreas Förster und J. Haffners Nachfolger KG"
1931 appeared the first time the brand name Trix with the metal construction sets. 1932 Trix the Express model Railway was developed in collaboration with the former managing director Stephan Bing, Siegfried Kahn with other former employees of Bing.
1934 began production.
1935 Trix was at the Leipzig spring Fair and presented the gauge 00. She had a three bar three-wire track on which 2 trains could travel at the same time . The locomotives traveled with 14V AC . The demand was very high and the sales boomed until 1949. Then, the production had stopped because of World War II or to be converted to needed war products.
1948 the production of railroads and Metal Construction was resumed. Fortunately, the in Spalt outsourced, undestroyed inventories could be sold off and the reconstruction could be financed.
1950 the name change to TRIX Vereinigte Spielwarenfabrik GmbH. 1953 starts the production of model trains with direct current.
1955 name changed to TRIX Vereinigte Spielwarenfabrik Ernst Voelk KG.
1971 name changed to TRIX -Mangold GmbH & Co KG (sold to GAMA).
1993 name changed to TRIX Schuco GmbH & Co by fusion with Schuco.
on 1.1.1997 change of name to TRIX Modelleisenbahn GmbH und Co KG through the acquisition of Märklin . The Trix - Express program is no longer produced


vor 1925 (Haffner)
1920-1925 (Förtner)
1920-1925 (Förtner)
ab 1925
ab 1925
ab 1959
ab 1925
ab 1959

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