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Company history and description of the company of Elmira New York, USA

Julia Beecher made her dolls from around 1893 til 1910.
She was married with Thomas K. Beecher, the minister of the Park Congregational Church of Elmira, New York.
She and other women of the church made cloth dolls for their children. Then she made doll, sold them and the money went to various church charities.
The dolls cost between 2,00 $ and 8,00 $. She gave an 50 Cent dicsount on a doll if the purchaser sent her an old silk underclothing.
The dolls were between 16" and 23" high. The had needle sculpted faces with oil painted facial features and yellow wool yarn hear.
A few black dolls are attributed to her but they never were documented.

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