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Company history and description of the company Bruno Schmidt, Waltershausen, Germany

In 1898 Bruno Schmidt took over the company H. Geisler & Co from Waltershausen and renamed it in B. Schmidt. Vorm H.Geisler & Co.
In 1904 he got his own trademark "heart with BSW
From 1908, the heart was only used.
From 1910 there was "Mein Goldherz" as trademark for character babies.
1913 he opened another Celluloid factory for character babies
1917 this factory must be closes because of lack of raw materials.
Production was then but later resumed until about 1950 and celluloid dolls were made.

In 1918 he bought the company Bar & Proschild which initially supplied the character baby's biscuit heads.
Biscuit heads of Bähr & Proeschild often have both brands (heart and crossed swords) and two mark numbers.
Mark numbers of Bahr & Proschild are three-digit numbers.
Form numbers of Bruno Schmidt have four-digit numbers.
The celluloid heads after 1919 made by Schmidt are marked with the heart and the letter S or G.
From 1924, the standing baby made of celluloid was produced. It has painted hairs, sleepy eyes and a wig.
From 1936 they produce a series with the letter H.

Known mark numbers:
425 426 500 52 9 534 535 536 537 539 585 678 692 2020 2023 2025 2033 2048 2051 2068 2070 2072 2074 2075 2081 2084 2085 2092 2094 2095 2096 2097 2099 2154 B.S BWS B&P heart-Symbol

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