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Company history and description of the company Cameo Doll Co.

In 1922 Joseph Kallus founded the Cameo Doll Company of New York.
In 1932 they moves and operated in Port Allegheny, PA.
It produced many of its early pieces using wood and composition parts designed to emulate classic wood toys.
Joseph Kallus was the designer of dolls for Cameo Doll Co. and for other doll manufacturers including Ideal Novelty and Toy Co. and Effanbee Doll Corp. His elastic strung, wood segmented dolls were often used as advertising dolls.
Some of his famous dolls were: King Little, Pinocchio, Betty Boop, RCA Radiation, and Bandy.
"Doll Reader" magazine of August 1996 on page 62 features a good article on this artist.
In 1970 the company was acquired by the Strombecker Corporation and moved to Chicago.
Cameo made bisque, celluloid, composition with wood or cloth bodies and hard plastic or vinyl dolls and were of the finest quality. Cameo is best known for their Kewpie dolls designed by illustrator Rose O'Neill.
Early Cameo dolls can be unmarked, later on dolls are often marked Cameo on their heads, back or feet and after 1971 "S71" was added.

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