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In 1888 Emma C. Clear started repairing dolls and producing doll clothes.
She started with the Humpty Dumpty Clinic in Buffalo.
1908 she started with the Humpty Dumpty Clinic in New York.
1917 she started with the Humpty Dumpty Clinic in Los Angeles.
In 1939 she advertised the Jenny Lind doll, her first China head doll.
In 1941, Clear published the Humpty Dumpty Doll Hospital: Specialists in Restoration for Collectors, Museums and Antique Dealers catalog to market the services offered by herself, the self-proclaimed Dean of American Doctors, and Wallace R. Clear, Head Surgeon.
From 1941-1947 she manufactured dolls with decorations.
In 1949 she sold her business to Lilian Smith.
She crafted the doll heads from 19th-century German potteries and made her own distinctive cloth bodies and china or bisque limbs for them.
Emma Clear dolls are often marked Clear plus a 2 digit number for the year made, or the letter "C" for Clear plus the 2 digit year numbers.

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