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1891 startet the story of the Columbian Dolls with the sisters Emma and Marietta Adams in Oswego, Ny. They produced dressed cloth dolls, stitched fingers and toes, stitched shoulder, hip and knee joints, flat hand painted facial features and hair, painted by Emma.
In 1893 their dolls were exhibited at the Chicago Worlds Fair Columbian Exhibition and got the diploma of Merit and the dolls became known as The Columbina Dolls.
The dolls were stamped on the back "Columbian Doll Emma E Adams Oswego NY".
The dolls were sold through Marshall Field & Company in Chicago.
1900 Emma died and her sister carried on with the business and other artists were hired for painting. Marietta outfitted the dolls in simple cotton dresses, bonnets or caps hand sewn kid slippers or booties.
1906 Marietta married and since now the dolls were stamped ?The Columbian Doll Manufactured by Marietta Adams Ruttan Oswego, N.Y.?.
Around 1910 the dolls wer no longer produced.

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